Focus Pocus Workshop 


What is this about?

In this workshop you will learn that your capacity to experience everything you want in any given moment is determined by the direction and strength of your focus.

This will be a very interactive workshop – this whole experience is jam packed with exercises.  It is meant to leave each person with an “experience” of directly shifting their focus onto the things that they want and directly impact the momentum of their current life experience.  Each person will leave with a new future in front of them.  This is an experiential workshop – not a lecture!

This workshop will shift focal points in a new direction, decrease the amount of time that you experience evidence in the areas of your desires, and increase your capacity to repeat this process at will.

This is ideal for people with a bit of background in law of attraction or some other transformational work, but can also be great for newbies.


Learn how to direct focus towards what you want.

Achieve extraordinary results.

My coaching session with Erin was really powerful. She was so kind and gentle and present with me. She reminded me that everything I’m looking to accomplish is for a certain feeling tone and the power of focusing and creating that feeling tone right now. I feel so encouraged and joyful after my session with her and am very grateful. “

One month after our one session, Traci booked a role in a comedic film. (during the coaching call we had recreated the feeling space of receiving a previous call – in detail!)



This workshop is a combination of all the different theories I have used. It includes working with images/visuals to change the subconscious mind, law of attraction, Abraham, meditation techniques, parallel reality teachings, Bentinho Massaro, Landmark Worldwide, Bashar

In this workshop you will learn to:

  1. Identify what you are currently focused on and understand why your life looks the way it does
  2. Understand how momentum of thoughts and expectation for certain results affect the outcome
  3. Become aware of what beliefs are in the way of achieving what you want
  4. Move current beliefs into a new place through three specific strategies
  5. Identify and use areas of highest excitement to increase momentum towards what is desired


∞ You will have the opportunity to practice your English among wonderful people.

∞ You will learn simple and powerful tools in order to apply the Law of Attraction in you life.

∞ You will get a new future to live into by merging vibrationally with the person that already experiences that future.



  • You are a person who knows that can live a better life
  • You want to get better results in short and long term
  • You like to help others… because living the life of your dreams does help other
  • You want to discover why some people have better results than others

This is definitely a workshop for you!

gente vidaes



This is not. The technique that I use is relatively simple. I stand at the vibration/feeling where what you want already exists. I stand there and then coach you to strengthen the emotion behind what you want until that emotion becomes dominant and does not require effort to maintain. At this point, manifestations will occur that will be evidence of the newfound vibration or feeling. This really works!


Erin Lawrence has been coaching and delivering workshops since 2005.  She delivered a series of workshops entitled “Manifest Your Destiny” to high school students at the well-known Marymount High School in Los Angeles in 2005 as a first step in reaching out to the world with the teachings of law of attraction.  Prior to that first workshop, Erin was a Zen practitioner for 7 years at the Santa Monica Zen Center.  Erin has worked as a credentialed teacher for 14 years, and was deeply moved to be able to contribute to the life of teenage girls.  She subsequently delivered the same series of workshops to adults and has also coached participants for several years in the Self-Expresssion and Leadership program as a coach for Landmark Worldwide.

Undergirding all her work are the concepts of power and freedom.  She believes that everyone has a vastly broader capacity than they give themselves credit for and works to unleash the greatness within each individual or organization that she works with.  Erin continues to consult and deliver trainings to multiple school districts around the world including those that are part of the Department of Defense.  Erin is co-owner of a company entitled “Unlocking Potential” which has been in existence for the last 7 years that combines test preparation with self-growth concepts to empower students to excel and have broader options when applying to their school of choice.


These are the dates this magical Focus Workshop will be held.  We also have other workshops that could be interesting for you.

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3 agosto |12:00 - 14:00

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The price is 60€.  We offer 20€ discount if your reserve in advance (at least one week before). 

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